CUSTOM LIVE VIEW - Seat Belt Cover - Medical Alert (Full Colour)

CUSTOM LIVE VIEW - Seat Belt Cover - Medical Alert (Full Colour)


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Let important information clearly be known to any person in an emergency.


Personalised/customised to your requirements.  Alert any Medical and/or Allergy conditions to aide in your rescue and recovery.


Don't have any medical or allergy conditions.  Thats ok! These seat belt pads can be personalised with a name (Just remember to advise the back ground colour and writing colour)


Wraps easily around a seat belt with a Velcro closure.  Made of soft Neoprene.

Each Cover will be designed for best impact and based on the information you provide.  The final result may not look like the above example.

Colours will also vary on the final product compared to the screen.


One size only. 29cm x 21cm


Safety Note:  It is not recommended to use these covers for young children, child retraint seats or booster seats.  Please check your car and car seats for safety regulations.


Medical Seat Belt Cover, Medical Seat Belt Pad, Medical Car Seat Belt Cover.