Hi there! I'm Deborah, I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls, Alexis and Sienna.  

As an Allergy Mum I want to help keep all our babies safe.

This is my story as to how Project Protect (previously known as Mumento) came about and why I wish to help others with Allergies and Medical conditions.  

Project Protect didn't start out as you would think from the products on my website. Project Protect first started when I was on maternity leave with my first born Alexis. I had this idea to make a hairband holder that held all different types of hair accessories to cover her from a baby to school age and so was born a multi-layer hairband holder. I currently still attend the local markets selling my headband holders and to every girls excitement large 3" hair bows (thanks mum who helps). 

Project Protect as we now know it for Medical and Allergy accessories started when my second baby girl Sienna was born.

The scariest time of my life...
Read Sienna's story here 

I can safely say, so far we have not been back to emergency rooms with the same severity as we encountered in those terrifying few months and hope we never have to.  Sienna has used up all her hospital allowance with no spare tickets :)

The support I receive each and every day from my husband, to my mum and dad, to my online friends/family (you know who you are) it won't be forgotten and continues to this day while this new diet adventure continues and the new business blooms.  

You will even find my husband has cut some of the fabric for the wristbands and is always the one to deliver them to the post office.

So here we are and this is how Project Protect was born. With a super young FPIES daughter I could not find the alerts I needed to keep her safe should I not be around and especially since she has started attending day care. I also want to teach her about her allergies and teach her sister and other kids about the importance of food safety.

I hope your whole family can benefit from these products and we can all work together to learn and bring awareness to a severe and highly dangerous thing as Allergies and to alert people of medical conditions.