NDIS Orders

Project Protect is not a registered NDIS provider, however we can supply you products via your plan manager and invoice them directly. 

NOTE: We are not agency managed and are not able to access the portal



STEP 1: Search using the product search function - NDIS Order. Add this to your cart if you are unable to find it here is the direct link.



STEP 2:  Select and order the items you would like to purchase by adding them to your shopping cart. Once you have finished shopping and added the required details proceed to the checkout. 
In the notes box at checkout please add NDIS number, participants name and your plan manager email for invoicing.
To complete your checkout please use

Discount code: NDISINVOICE.

Shipping: Select shipping option - DO NOT USE *UNLESS ADVISED*

This shipping code should have automatically came up if you processed STEP 1 for the NDIS Order Product.


- Discount code location:  Once you have checked out and entered your shipping details.  On the second page showing shipping costs etc and your order summary you will see blue writing advise to 'Add a discount code or a gift card'. Do not press pay now until you have entered the above code.


** Please do not use this code unless this is an NDIS order.  Orders will not be processed until confirmed valid with the plan manager and payment received.


- Your products will not be processed(made) until after your plan manager invoice has been accepted and paid in full.

- Please ensure your NDIS details provided are correct as this will cause delays in the processing of your order.

- Please ensure the postal address provided on the order is your postal address for delivery of the products/goods.

- Project Protect can not guarantee that your products will be approved by NDIS and your order may be cancelled or require amendments.  As no money has crossed hands no refunds or credits will be provided.

- Once your plan manager has received the invoice no changes to your order can be made. If you require additional products a new order will be required.