10 x Medical Action Bag

10 x Medical Action Bag


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These Medical Action Bags are exactly what you need to store and show individual action plans for all your medical requirements. They fit a full A4 print size Action Plan so the correct bag can be easily identified in an emergency.


They are insulated and come with a carry handle so that it can be hooked onto walls, prams, bags or even a tent when out camping for quick access.


Medical Action Bags History:

Nominated for Innovation in Australian Small Business Awards, Telstra Business Awards & Winner APAC Insider Awards for Best product for Innovation in Emergency 2 years running 2015 & 2016


Adrenaline (ephinephrine) autoinjectors (e.g. EpiPen) should ideally be stored in a cool dark place at room temperature, between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. They must not be refrigerated

Please see the following website for up to date storage location advise of EpiPens:



Approx size measurements: 24cm (w) x 34cm (h) x 7cm (d)